Current album:

Top 10 at the IBBA Blues Charts in UK

LAST CALL TO MEMPHIS (Special Edition), 

participation on 3 songs

(Blues Note Records, 2023)


Trainyard Blues Band feat. Greg Copeland (Vocal) & Blind Dog Mayer (Harp)


Album / single previews:


References of TV-, Radio-Stations and Studios:

  • TNG Productions
  • SR TV
  • SWR TV Studio, Baden-Baden
  • Rogue Studios, Neunkirchen
  • Klang Alchemist, Schwalbach
  • VIVO SONUM, Illingen
  • Classic Rock Radio, Saarbrücken
  • SR Saarbrücken (Stations: SR1, SR2, SR3)


Participation in various CD productions:

  • Trainyard Blues Band (Album: Last Call To Memphis, 2023)
  • TUFF ENUFF BLUES DUO (Single: SHOES, 2020)
  • TUFF ENUFF BLUES DUO (Single: Going Down To Provo, 2020) 
  • Blind Dog Mayer (Single: Moonshine Gasoline, 2020)
  • STOMPIN' HEAT (Single: Shiny Curly Red Hair, 2019)
  • STOMPIN' HEAT (live at stummsche reithalle Album, 2018)
  • Dr. Slide & Blind Dog Mayer (FIRST TAKES Album, 2016)
  • Blind Dog Mayer (Eigenproduktion)
  • Bürger 7 (Stuttgart) für Peter Maffay Stiftung
  • Frank Stumpf (Saarland) - für CD "Bittersch Bangat"
  • Thorny Roses (Saarland) - für CD "Home at last"
  • Classic Rock Radio (Live Air Play)
  • u. a.


Supported by:

  • Pedal Tree Effect Pedals


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(Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion)




Blind Dog Mayer is a name that stands for the soulful and gritty essence of blues music. 


Known for his charismatic stage presence and deep connection to the blues, this artist has carved out a unique place for himself in the music scene.


With harmonica in hand, Blind Dog Mayer channels the spirit of the blues greats, blending traditional styles with his own innovative twists. His music is a testament to the unbroken power of the blues and bridges the gap between past and present.


Whether performing solo or alongside other renowned musicians, Blind Dog Mayer celebrates the heritage of the blues with his performances, captivating audiences with his authentic sound and sincere delivery. His dedication to his craft is evident in every note he plays, making him a true ambassador of the blues tradition. With his music, Blind Dog Mayer is inspiring a new generation of listeners and igniting their passion for the blues. His journey is not just about music, but an ongoing tribute to the roots of the blues, its facets and its transformative power.


Blind Dog Mayer's musical journey is a testament to his dedication and love for the blues. His career has been marked by a series of collaborations with international blues greats that have enriched his style and broadened his horizons.


He has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Big Daddy Wilson, Aynsley Lister and Louisiana Red, to name but a few. His role as sideman and special guest has taken him to various festivals and clubs where his performances have been met with much acclaim. Tour support for world-famous stars such as Glenn Hughes and Walter Trout at sold-out festivals and halls also enriches his musical work. 


Particularly noteworthy is his live EP "live at stummsche reithalle", which made it into the Top 10 Amazon Music Bestseller Albums for Blues and into the Hit Tracks Top 100 in the Netherlands. 


But Blind Dog Mayer continues to score points not only "on stage" but also in the recording sector. As a bookable recording artist, he was able to celebrate another top 10 place in 2023, this time in the IBBA Blues Charts UK, on the album of a German blues band, on which he played the blues harp as a special guest. 


But he has also proven his qualities as a headliner in clubs and festivals several times with his own formations. Mayer's presence at renowned festivals such as the Intern. Jazz & Bluestage Verden, the Intern. Seydel Mundharmonika Festival Klingenthal and the Blues 'n Jazz Rallye or the Blues Express in Luxembourg, for example, underlines his influence on the blues scene. 


His work as a brand ambassador for C.A. Seydel 1847 Harmonicas, Husky Harmonica Gear and ORANGE Amplifiers has established his influence and status within the music landscape.



Press quote:

... a dedicated line between blues soul and fingertips. Blind Dog Mayer then has two of them, one for the harp and one that ends at his vocal cords. The harmonica player pulls his wealth of ideas from his musical sleeve as a trump card, and it is he who impresses with his little instrument as well as his voice. 

(Rocktimes magazine)


...After the band introduction, chief singer Meyer unpacks the harmonica. The instrument has certainly been lying around in a barrel of whiskey for a whole day, that's how awesome the harp sounds and if there should be something like a reference list for harmonica sounds, then this contribution definitely belongs in that list! 



"Live, with timeless Blues of the greats! ..." 



...and it was remarkable how this man mastered his harp. 

(Miko Vogelgesang - Sound Studio Sound Alchemist)


...With singer Blind Dog Mayer the musicians from Saarland have a real shouter in their ranks, who knows how to deal with the audience...

(Nordsee Zeitung) 



Blind Dog Mayer can be booked for guest appearances with bands and as a studio musician (CD productions), as well as for commercial productions and as a supplement for TV productions with a musical background.




Availability:      on demand (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals, Hotels, Radios, TV-Stations
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 1-2), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request