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Mojo Man (2015)


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Exclusively for Germany

Music-Style: Blues / Rock / Soul



If you know the classic blues, rock and soul ABCs, this will sound awfully familiar. Mojo Man serve up a 70s-influenced sound of bluesy rock and soul.


Blues, rock and soul entertainment!


A steaming stew of blues, rock and old-style rhythm & blues. This is not what Southside Johnny & The Ashbury Jukes have sounded like since “Heart Of Stone”

(Lust for life)



The band was founded in 2014 by tenor saxophonist Reinier Zervaas and singer and guitarist Marcel Duprix. In 2015, the eponymous debut album was released on the Dutch label Continental Record Services. Mojo Man received rave reviews in major Dutch magazines.


The band performed live on national radio programs such as Countdown Cafe (Veronica Radio) and Spijkers Met Koppen (NPO 2).


MOJO MAN have been a household name in the live scene for years! Mojo Man makes music for a large audience.


A rock'n'blues band with a 5-piece horn section. Mojo Man have developed a live sound that is highly recognizable and yet stands out from the crowd. The band is a powerhouse of raw, guitar and horn driven 'rawk 'n roll' that is second to none.


A ten-piece 'music monster'. Big, solid and swinging, and with Marcel Duprix an outstanding frontman on stage.


It’s a blues-rock treat that captures their soulful vibe!


After four years, the blues, soul and rock entertainment returns to the stage. After separation and COVID, the true survivors return to inspire with their sound and stage show.


When Mojo Man take to the stage, they channel the bluesy mojo and enchant with rhythm and soul!





Singer Marcel Duprix's voice is impressive. If he were to compete in the Voice, all four chairs would flip anyway.

Together with the sensual guitar lines and the piercing horns, it completes the band. It can almost be called horny at times.'



"The Mojo Men leave a smashing impression everywhere with their rousing blues-soul-rock shows. A 10-man formation with a horn section that all of rock 'n' roll Holland can be proud of. Sublime solos follow each other in rapid succession and the music yawns like you're on a Fyra express train. Marcel can just manage all that with his vocals. Unbelievable! What the men pull off live, playing a whole hall flat, they can definitely do that in your living room too."

(Blues Magazin)


"The tasty mix of blues, soul and rock is uplifting, driving and grooving. And every song tastes like more.

That's because you feel intensity and passion."

(music maker)


"May we have your attention for the following: The Netherlands has gained a full-on Rhythm & Blues band.

Bawdy guitar and brass driven 'rawk 'n roll' that is unparalleled. Buy that record, book that band and Your party is complete."






Availability:      Booking lead time 4 weeks
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 10 + 1 technician), catering,                              local PA

Price:                on request