Current single:

GOING DOWN TO PROVO (Respect Music 2020)

References of TV-, Radio-Stations and Studios



- SWR TV Studio, Baden-Baden

- Rogue Studios, Neunkirchen

- Klang Alchemist, Schwalbach

- VIVO SONUM, Illingen

- Classic Rock Radio, Saarbrücken

- SR Saarbrücken (Stations: SR1, SR2, SR3)


Participation in various CD productions:

  • TUFF ENUFF BLUES DUO (Single: Going Down To Provo 2020) 
  • Blind Dog Mayer (Single: Moonshine Gasoline 2020)
  • STOMPIN' HEAT (Single: Shiny Curly Red Hair 2019)
  • STOMPIN' HEAT (live at stummsche reithalle Album 2018)
  • Dr. Slide & Blind Dog Mayer (FIRST TAKES Album 2016)
  • Blind Dog Mayer (Eigenproduktion)
  • Bürger 7 (Stuttgart) für Peter Maffay Stiftung
  • Frank Stumpf (Saarland) - für CD "Bittersch Bangat"
  • Thorny Roses (Saarland) - für CD "Home at last"
  • Classic Rock Radio (Live Air Play)
  • u. a.

Supported by:

  • Musikhaus Arthur Knopp GmbH - Saarbrücken

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Blind Dog Mayer (GER)

(Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion)





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German artist description:
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For almost 20 years now, the charismatic singer and blues harmonica player "Blind Dog Mayer" has been on stage bringing his blues sound into the German and European blues landscape. Since the year 2000, he has honored his honest attachment to the blues. The blues of "Blind Dog Mayer" is deeply rooted in the traditions, but without closing in on new influences!


With his unmistakable voice as well as his virtuoso and multi-faceted harp playing, the Saarlander has long made a name for himself in the European blues scene. Over time, he has earned an extraordinary reputation for his wide-ranging activities and technical brilliance. The musician stood as a sideman for national and international blues greats such as: Big Daddy Wilson (USA), Aynsley Lister (UK), Blues Company (GER), Thomas Blug (GER), Louisiana Red (USA), Dr. Slide (GER), Henrik Freischlader (GER), Rudy Rotta (IT), Pete Lancaster (GER) and many others on stage.


"Blind Dog Mayer" plays a great tone! His powerful, emotional and blues-heavy crossover music continues into the pop rock scene, and is highly prized by his fellow artists for live and studio work.


Over the years, the experienced Harmonica player has shared with stars such as Robert Cray (USA), Steven Seagal (USA), Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado (DK), Al Di Meola (USA), Canned Heat (USA), Richie Kotzen (USA), BB & The Blues Shacks (GER), Jimmie Vaughan (USA), Zed Mitchel (GER), Archie Lee Hooker (USA), The Paul DesLauriers Band (CAN), Budda Power Blues (PL), The Brew (UK), and B.B. Kings daughter Shirley (USA) the stages. And that, are just a few names of his many years of creative work!


As the frontman of his former rough-blues band, in 2018 he released the live EP "live at stummsche reithalle", ranging from international airplays, to the top 10 Amazon Music Bestseller albums and new releases in The Blues division made it when it also brought in the hit tracks Top 100, in the Netherlands in 5th place. The Saarland has already shown his musical abilities at many renowned festivals, such as the Jazz & Blues Days Verden (GER), Blues Express (LU), International Seydel Harmonica Festival (GER) or the well-known Blues' n Jazz Rally in Luxembourg. The man at the Blues Harp is very much in demand internationally. Whether as a solo act or with a band, "Blind Dog Mayer" knows how to inspire on stage! As a support act he also opened concerts with bands like Klaus "Major" Heuser (ex BAP), headliner EZIO (UK), Dudley Taft (USA) or Walter Trout (USA).


"Blind Dog Mayer", not to forget his mark since 2012, C. A. Seydel 1847 Harmonica ambassador, coached and gives beginners the basics to learn the blues harmonica. So he supports beginners as well as advanced users from 0 to 100 on request, with valuable tips and tricks from his many years of practice, which can not be found in any textbook!


By the end of 2018, he received another prestigious "award", endorsed as the worlds 1st blues harmonica player by legendary British cult amp maker ORANGE AMPS!




>> ... a dedicated line between blues soul and fingertips. Blind Dog Mayer then has two of them, one for the harp and one that ends at his vocal cords.


The harmonica player pulls his wealth of ideas from his musical sleeve as a trump card and it is he who impresses with his small instrument and his voice. With his energetic, roughened voice, Blind Dog Mayer puts you in a good mood and the final point of this disc is very successful... <<

(Rocktimes magazine)


>>… After the band introduction, head singer Meyer unpacks the harmonica. The instrument has surely been lying around in a barrel of whiskey for a whole day, that's how great the harp sounds and if there is anything like a reference list for harmonica sounds, then this post definitely belongs on this list! <<



>> "Live, with timeless blues of the greats! ..." <<



>> ... and it was remarkable how this man masters his harp. <<

(Miko Vogelgesang - Sound Studio Sound Alchemist)


>> ... With the singer Blind Dog Mayer, the musicians from Saarland have a real shouter in their ranks who knows how to deal with the audience ... <<

(Nordsee Zeitung) 



>> ... After the band performance, senior singer Meyer unpacks the harmonica. The instrument certainly has a whole day lying around in a barrel of whiskey, so horny sounds the harp and if there should be something like a reference list for harmonica sounds, then this post is definitely in this list! <<



Blind Dog Mayer can be booked for guest appearances with bands and as a studio musician (CD productions), as well as for commercial productions and as a supplement for TV productions with a musical background.



Availability:      on request
Location:          Clubs, Festivals, Hotels, Radios, TV-Stations
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 1-2), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request



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