Current album:

BURN (2021)


Album preview:



  • Dirt (2018)
  • Boost (2012)
  • Electrified (2005)


Support for:

  • Walter Trout
  • Ana Popovic
  • Wishbone Ash
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Chris Farlowe
  • Rob Tognoni
  • Tom Chaka
  • Nico Duportal
  • The Lowland Brothers
  • Abi Wallenstein



  • References: (excerpt)
  • Lindenbrauerei, Unna
  • Piano, Dortmund
  • Zeche, Bochum
  • Matrix, Bochum
  • Ducsaal, Freudenburg
  • Logo, Ahaus
  • Kantine, Köln
  • Bischofsmühle, Hildesheim
  • Meisenfrei,Bremen
  • Kulturrampe,Krefeld
  • Torburg,Köln
  • Jazzclub, Nienburg
  • Hot Jazz Club, Münster
  • Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen
  • Räucherei, Kiel
  • Bluesnacht, Schrozberg
  • Blues im Hof, Frei-Laubersheim
  • Bochum Total, Bochum
  • Wiesn' Rock, Friedrichsdorf
  • Rock'n' Bike, Witten
  • Meppener Blues und Jazznacht, Meppen
  • Blues auf der Burg,Neubrandenburg
  • Sonntags ans Schloss, Saarbrücken
  • Barnaby's Blues Bar, Braunschweig
  • Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum
  • Bluescafe Apeldoorn (NL)




Music-Style: Blues-Rock



Hot 'N Nasty lyrics for website the other comes after my lunch. 


Hot 'N Nasty exists already since the beginning of the 90s and belongs to the first league of the german blues and rock scene. The line-up consists of founding member Malte Triebsch (guitar), Robert Collins (vocals), Dominique Ehlert (drums) and Jacob Müller (bass).


Hot 'N Nasty was awarded the German Blues Award in the category 'Best Band' in 2020. 'Best Band' category and was also a finalist in 2018 and 2019 Finalist at the German Blues Challenge.


In September 2021, Hot 'N Nasty's latest work 'Burn' was released, which was again recorded by Martin Meinschäfer (recording engineer and producer for for Henrik Freischlader, Tommy Schneller, Kai Strauss and Layla Zoe, among others) and Layla Zoe) in the Megaphon studios.


The reaction of the press to 'Burn' was overwhelming and Hot 'N Nasty  was chosen by various magazines as one of the best German blues rock bands.


"Hot 'N Nasty are by far one of the strongest blues rock bands in our latitudes," wrote Guitar and selected 'Burn' as the album of the month September 2021.  And Hot 'N Nasty  doesn't need to shy away from international comparison either.


So it's not surprising that international renowned rock greats such as Wishbone Ash, Dr. Feelgood, Walter Trout, Ana Popovic and Chris Farlowe became aware of Hot 'N Nasty and the band again and again as a support act.


Numerous concerts at home and abroad, as well as various TV specials brought the band a large fan base. In the Ruhr area, where the musicians come from, the band already enjoys cult status.


Hot 'N Nasty  make every concert a special event, both on large event, both on big festival stages and in the blues clubs. in the blues clubs.



Press quote:

"This blues-rock grenade proves once again why the revival of this genre is not merely based in the motherland USA." Guitar
"Winner of the German Blues Awards 2020 in the category "Band". And so rightly so! "Burn", the recently released
album by Hot'n'Nasty is more than impressive proof of that."

"Hot'n'Nasty's Burn has the flames blazing high."

"A great album with great guitar work, tasteful sounds and smart sounds."

"Hot'n'Nasty actually already belong after "Dirt" to the spearhead of German blues rock, which they now with "Burn" impressively and literally full of fire confirm."
(Music Reviews)

"'Burn' is the band's best disc to date.
Each track has its own character, and it's just classy,
how varied and filigree the gentlemen present themselves."

"Hot'n'Nasty are by far one of the strongest blues rock bands in our latitudes."

"What a power! Plain and simple, a bull's eye!"
(Break Out)

"Personally, 'Dirt' has me completely in its grip and I don't know of any blues rock band from Germany right now that is better than Hot'n'Nasty.

Great class!


Lively in British influenced blues-rock tradition
(Good Times)


Availability:      on request (4 weeks lead time)
Location:          Clubs, Theatres, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 4-5), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request