Many think of the term "BLUES" as older, white-haired men of retirement age and women rocking their grandchildren, playing music that comes from a bygone era....


The media focus on new trends, as well as the constant sprinkling of hit lists allow this thinking, without knowing or understanding that the blues, the mother of modern music, is constantly being developed further by innovative musicians.

by innovative musicians.


#BLUES presents blues, blues rock, acoustic blues, southern blues, soul blues and related genres to the promoter and audience.


#BLUES gathers artists and bands from this interesting genre and brings the musicians together on an international level at their events. Craft tradition is used to reshape the blues feeling with modern sounds and rhythms and brought in by musicians coming from different countries and continents. Thus, musical traditions are mixed with contemporary sounds and stories.


#BLUES the music concept for the friend of exquisite blues music is only available exclusively from us!


This music style finds more and more fans in the world, who visit concerts of artists and bands, as well as buy their recordings. The mothers and fathers who grew up with this music and love it pass on the musical heritage to their children.  #BLUES offers them exciting concerts by our artists whose creative roots lie in the blues.


It doesn't always have to be a major artist!


#BLUES brings you extraordinary and award-winning international artists from Europe to Germany whose musicality you should not miss. As well as some German handpicked bands from these genres, these varied music genres. The acts, tested for quality and carefully selected throughout Europe, give their music a contemporary twist.


Book your complete blues event without stress!


We do the work for you and put together the right "BLUES PAKET" for your event:

  • Sit back and let our team work for you.
  • That's why we have developed the new music - concept #BLUES for event organizers.

#BLUES is not location or place bound.

The music concept is intended for corporate events, festivals, open air (complete compilation), Hotels (from 4 stars), theaters, city halls, culture houses, large casinos, premium private parties (as a building block principle in upscale style), castles and cruise ships.



#BLUES is a backline production!


You and your guests can look forward to expressive voices, emotional and fat harp parts and terrific guitar solos. #BLUES is rhythm that gets into your head and legs, sometimes rocky, then again emotional or soulful, here is something for everyone.


An all around successful music experience!

  • #BLUES is bookable for you the whole year.
  • #BLUES is the exception in live entertainment!
  • Hand in Hand Cooperation


This is what we offer you:

  • An efficient and professional team with best connections worldwide
  • Event concept on the highest level
  • Internationally known artists from the blues styles:  Blues, Bluesrock, Acoustic Blues, Southern Blues, Soul Blues and related styles
  • Supporting social media marketing (Facebook, newsletter, blogging etc.)
  • Radio and print advertising in the usual event channels, media and forums (promotion)
  • Events can be broadcast as online concerts and live event streaming

Proportionate profit for you as the event organizer to compensate for costs:


  • The door deal is 80/20, meaning you receive 20% from all ticket sales revenue
  • You keep 100 % of all revenues from the guest catering
  • Special arrangements are possible!

Optional Festival Building Block Extension:

liquid sounds - whisky meets blues

The authentic blues-whisky-tasting ever!


These are two partners, which simply match pretty well together and promise an outstanding experience.


We offer you: a special and exclusive cultural tour with excellent blues music and whiskey tasting for lovers and those who want to become it. We are the technical staff of the Luxemburgish Cask Selection” and the “TUFF ENUFF BLUES DUO”.


We offer you a blues concert with our cooperation partner, the Luxembourg noble and high-grade whiskey sales and distribution, which takes place in changing locations. The offer includes various Scottish premium single malts that can be tasted and purchased at favourable prices.

Our competent and well-trained staff will professionally advise you. Ideal locations would be hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, as well as cultural offices / centers and companies as well as private or public events. Ideally, the evening can be accompanied by individually designed menus and divine dishes depending on your taste. It is entirely up to you whether to arrange the evening with a catering service or cater for yourself.


We would be delighted to offer you more detailed information and we could also help you in planning these special events together. Feel free to contact us.


We will be pleased to answer your question and submit you an individual offer that complies with your requirements and needs.


Get up today for your personal offer, and we look forward to your inquiries!



Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          Hotels, restaurants, public events, event-ships, fairs, malls and companies 
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 3-4), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request