Current album:

Stompin' Solo (2021)


Make It Right (2019)


Music-Style: Texas-Blues

For a musician who has now released his fourteenth album, American bluesman Shawn Pittman is still largely unknown in this country.


This is a shame, because his blues-rock style delivers music of very high quality with enough originality to convince at his concerts.

Although he is often associated with the Lone Star State since he settled in Dallas, Texas in the early 1990s, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer of Native American descent (Choctaw) Shawn Pittman is actually from Oklahoma.


He picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen and soon became acquainted with the mysterious sounds of Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters. Soon after, he began to study Elmore James, Albert King and Buddy Guy.


He dropped out of school, but resumed his musical education thanks to his uncle, who took him to the Schooner's Jam in Dallas. As he immersed himself in that scene, the aspiring guitarist crossed paths with a number of local personalities who became teachers and mentors.


These personalities included Brian 'Hash brown' Calway, Sam Myers, Mike Morgan, Jim Suhler and Tutu Jones. His first album, Blues From Dallas, was recorded in 1996, later picked up and reissued for its national debut in 1997 as Burnin' Up on the Cannonball Records label.  His second album, Something's Gotta Give, was produced by Jim Gaines and followed in '98. Pittman toured briefly with Susan Tedeschi in '99, just long enough to make a television appearance with her on The Conan O'Brian Show.


The following year, he moved to Austin and recorded his third album, Full Circle, backed by Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section Double Trouble. With the former bassist of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Preston Hubbard, he had a band called Killer Instinct. 

"Preston was like a brother to me; I learned a lot from him."

"Pittman was also taught by Clifford Antone. "In my time in Austin, I was able to learn from even more guitarists, players like Derek O'Brien, Mike Keller, Dave Biller and Red Volkart. Even a young Gary Clark Jr. showed up from time to time with his parents. Pittman also had the opportunity to play with musicians such as Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton and Pinetop Perkins. Between 2008 and 2010, Pittman released five more independent recordings. This flurry of activity eventually led to a new recording contract with Delta Groove, and plans for another album were immediately underway.


Edge Of The World is Shawn Pittman's tenth release and features an inspired program of original material from an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist that evokes the vintage sound and feel of the great blues recordings of the 1950s and '60s. Pittman plays virtually every instrument on the CD, from vocals and guitar to bass, drums and piano, and also serves as the album's producer and engineer. Jonathan Doyle (Mighty Blue Kings, Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms, White Ghost Shivers) is the only other guest on the album, contributing tenor and baritone sax on four songs.


After seven years in Dallas (1993-1999) and fourteen years in Austin (2000-2013), Pittman moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. During this time, he also released his 11th album, "Backslidin' Again" (2015). In January 2018, Pittman recorded his twelfth album, "Everybody Wants to Know," with longtime friend and drummer Jay Moeller, which was released in the fall of 2018 on the European label CrossCut Records. In spring 2020, Pittman reported back with 'Make It Right', in collaboration with Dutch label Continental Record Services (CRS) and the highly sought-after rhythm section The Ozdemirs in Europe. The album was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, at Heyman Studios.


Pittman moved back to Dallas in 2021 and expanded his repertoire to include acoustic/solo music as an adjustment to the pandemic. His latest release, "Stompin' Solo", is his first all-acoustic album on the CRS affiliate Must Have Music.


Shawn Pittman and his band deliver a quality treat regardless of style, genre or tempo, covers or originals. Through his various musical influences, the guitarist and vocalist has developed into a uniquely original guitarist that is a must experience and listen.


Pittman's razor-sharp guitar sounds dominate both his CDs and live on stage in grand style. This is where his great class as a guitarist clearly shines through. The guitarist and singer knows how to put so much feeling into his guitar solos and riffs that they touch you down to the smallest fibers of your body.


Old School? New School? Who Cares? He's simply a Masterclass In The Blues.

(The Rocking Magpie)





The album "Make it right!" he did right, the Shawn Pittman. Trio blues in the old school blues sound.

Nothing new but lasts forever and is incredibly fun to listen to.

Mario Bollinger , Munich Talk


Make It Right!" is a veritable powerhouse for me. It's going to be a classic - no question about it!



Make It Right, has indeed been made right.  If you’re in the market for joyous, stomping blues-rock, you really should check this record out.

Chris Weatley, Rock & Blues Muse


A wonderful, a slice of true blues rock as you’ll find anywhere on the planet.



Twelve songs of deep, elemental blues performed by Pittman and the Ozdemirs, straight from the heart with no frills.

Wholeheartedly recommended!

Mark Thompson, Blues Blast


This album is music of the highest quality. To me, Shawn Pittman is a rival and equal to Joe Bonamassa.

He's the kind of player you hear live and don't want the concert to end.

Howard King, At The Barrier


“Make It Right!” is an album that says dig in, don’t fake it, be honest. And in a world where it can easy to forget those sentiments, this album is worth spinning.

Spencer Kilpatrick,  TAHOE  ONSTAGE


“Make It Right!” is an album with a natural feel similar to that of a live gig. It came together like a charm on a perfect day.

Shawn Pittman is a superb guitarist and vocalist and should never, ever, think of retiring.

Richard Ludmerer, MAKING  A  SCENE!


Shawn Pittman knows how to convince with his music in an amazing way. The concept of the man is fully on and may be expanded in the future. 

Joachim "Joe" Brooks, ROCKTIMES



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