with the finest rhythm & blues and rock 'n roll on the way to the 21st century .... rocking, powerful and danceable!


- Timeless genre -




Take you with you into an exciting and bygone era of Elvis, Elmore James, Big Mama Thornton and Irma Thomas, the petticoats and the fast-paced music from the jukebox. Here the audience is invited to join in the passionate celebration and to dance to the driving rhythm.


Original Hot Rockin 'Rhythm' n Blues and Swing meets classic boogie and rock 'n roll - What more could you want?


ROCK THE HOUSE - THE RETRO PARTY .... that rocks so much ... Guaranteed!


sister suzie & the right band (gb)

Line up:  The Right Band

- Matt Jackson - Guitar
- Jason Smith - Drums
- Eddie Edwards - Double

- Al Nicholls - Tenor Sax
- Nick Lunt - Baritone Sax

The terrific live show for blues - boppers, oldies and crazy musicians.


You love with power, passion, positive energy and a lot of charm?

Then, look forward to an evening with one of the most exciting bands that lately to stir up the British roots rock and blues scene, the English Rhythm and Blues and boogie grenade SISTER SUZIE.


Mixing blues and ballads with some full-bore rockers, spiced with touches of the Louisiana swamp, Sister Suzie is another notable female vocalist putting her own spin on the sounds of a bygone era. She succeeds admirably. After hearing this disc, you will undoubtedly look forward to the day when you can hear her, and her talented musical associates, at a stateside gig or festival. Until then, give this one a spin. Just remember to turn it up, and clear the dance floor!

(Mark Thompson, Blues Blast Magazine, August 2018)

Boogie Woogie:


60's Blues:

Chicago Blues:


Rock 'n Roll:



cloud 6 (GER)

Line up:  CLOUD 6

- Christoph Wiatre -  Piano &


- Thilo Hornschild - Gitarrist,

  Bassist & Sänger 

- Nico Bauckholt - Kontrabass

- Hendrik Frommhold - Drums

CLOUD 6, the new hope of the swing blues and rock 'n roll scene, the young crazy Hamburg entertainer Kim Lucian Shastri. Let us take you into our Time Machine, which takes you on a pleasurable journey through the lifestyle of

the 40s, 50s and 60s. We all dance together through the night to grooving rhythm and blues, blaring boogie-woogie and stylish Swing, you will experience the flair of these decades up close.



Es gibt diese Künstler, die es irgendwie schaffen, ihr Publikum zu verzaubern. Cloud 6 ist eine dieser Bands. Die Musik: klassischer Rock ’n Roll mit einer großen Schippe Blues und Swing. Der Charme des jungen Elvis Presley, der Glamour von Liberace und ein kleines bisschen Irrsinn á la Screamin’ Jay Hawkins im Blick – den ein Rockmusiker braucht; Die Vorbilder von Frontmann Kim Shastri sind nicht zu übersehen und nicht zu überhören. Am Ende saß niemand mehr auf seinem Stuhl: Das ist Rock ’n Roll.

(Göttinger Tagesblatt/ Eichfelder Tagesblatt, 01.12.2018)



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Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          City Halls, Hotels, Corporate Events, Luxury Liners
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 9-11), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request