Currennt album:

A Little Faith (2019 / Artfarm / Rough Trade)


  • SOUL SAILOR (2018)



  • 100 Club, London 
  • 229 Club, London
  • Topos, Leverkusen
  • Honbergsommer, Tuttlingen
  • Freiheiz, München
  • Atlantis, Basel
  • Parterre, Basel
  • Chabah, Kandern
  • Zelt Musik Festival, Freiburg
  • Gallagher's Nest, Münchweier, Ettenheim
  • Prinz Willy, Kiel
  • K.I.S.S. Freiburg
  • Acoustic Couch, Bracknell, UK
  • The Drawing Room, Chesham, UK
  • The Elm Tree, Cambridge, UK
  • Ronnie Scott's, London, UK
  • WestMalvern Social Club, Malvern, UK
  • Sandringham Hotel, Cardiff, UK
  • Speakeasy, Sunderland, UK
  • Redcar Blues Club, Redcar, UK
  • The Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs, UK
  • Blues Festival, Basel, CH 

michael oertel (GER)

Music-Style: Crossover

German band description:
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"Modern folk pop on the one hand, creative blues on the other, always with a little Black Keys paint in the sound ..." writes Classic Rock Magazine about the current album of the Michael Oertel Band.


Inspired by timeless rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, blues legends like Rory Gallagher and Eric Clapton, their influences go beyond blues and rock.


Folk musicians such as Neil Young and JJ Cale are, alongside the 1990's Britpop with bands like Oasis and Richard Ashcroft's The Verve, equal roots in their oeuvre, such as 70s Soul & Funk artist Jonny Guitar Watson or Marvin Gaye.


This passion for diversity is reflected in the concerts and albums of the Michael Oertel Band. Quickly tired of the same, they devote themselves to the constant search for new timbres and ways to use Oertel's distinctive voice.


As a result, their first album "Soul Sailor", produced by Oertel's friend and mentor Tino Gonzales, is a mixture of pop music paired with filigree guitar playing and soft singer / songwriter music.


The new work "A Little Faith", on the other hand, incorporates the folk and songwriting elements, but with songs like "All Gonna Be Better" or "Shoe Store Man" brings the full power and sound of classic 70s rock music into their portfolio ,

For some years the band has been touring with different guests through Germany, Switzerland and England. Among the approximately 50 concerts per year were appearances at the Freiburger Zelt-Musik-Festival, the invitation to the finals of the German Blues Awards or support shows for Henrik Freischlader or Robert Randolph just a few highlights.

In 2020, the band will increasingly devote their time to returning to their roots of blues and rock, pairing them with occasional electronic influences to create the greatest possible variety for the listener.

With creativity and best craftsmanship, the Michael Oertel Band sets its own modern stamp on traditional blues, but also brings its audience with rock, funk and folk sounds to exuberant dancing and dreaming.




“One Word…..Killer!” 

(Ian “Dollarbill” Bowerman)


“It is rare to find a bunch of young people doing old-school music but with a new, their own, angle on it” 

(Ian “Dollarbill” Bowerman)


“Für uns das Überraschungsalbum des Jahres 2019” 

(Iron Sights)


“Griffige Songs, eine sehr schön eingesetzte Gitarrenarbeit und Texte mit Herz und Verstand…” 



"Vom ersten bis zum letzten Stück solide, fetzige und gut gemachte Rockmusik..”

(Badische Zeitung)


"Die Leute ließen sich völlig in den Bann der mitreißenden Rhythmen und der Vokalmagie des Sängers ziehen…Es herrschte eine Bombenstimmung”

(Badische Zeitung)



Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4-6 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 4-7 depending on the budget),

                          Catering, local PA

Price:                on request



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