• Guitar Crusher & The Houserocking Mellotones: I’ve Got To Know/Cuddle Up (USA 1962)
  • Guitar Crusher & The Houserocking Mellotones: I Feel The Pain/I Once Loved You Baby (USA 1962)
  • Guitar Crusher & The Houserocking Mellotones: Itch With Me/The Monkey (USA 1962)
  • Guitar Crusher: Better Days Ahead/Weak For Your Love (USA 1963)
  • Guitar Crusher: I Can’t Help It/Why Oh Why (USA 1963)
  • Guitar Crusher with Jimmy Spruill: Since My Baby Hit The Numbers/Hambone Blues (USA 1968)
  • Guitar Crusher: I’ll Catch Your Tears/Goin’ Down Slow (USA 1969)


  • Blast From The Past (CD) (D 2009) – Best of Guitar Crusher
  • Blues With A Feeling (CD) Guitar Crusher & The Kloeber Bros. (D 2004)
  • Sidney „Guitar Crusher“ Selby (CD): Live at Yorkschlösschen – Soul Session With The Rudy Stevenson Band (D 1999)
  • How I Feel (CD) Rolling Dollar, feat. Tyree Glenn Jr. Ten. sax, T. Harris dr. a. o. (D 1999)
  • Message To Man (CD) Black Cat Bone, feat. Alvin Lee, C. Owens, Produced by C. Owens (D 1995)
  • Live at Quasimodo Berlin (CD) Sidney Selby and Orchestra feat. Benny Bailey trumpet (D 1989)
  • I Can Do Bad By Myself (LP) Jack McDuff, Bruce”Bud” Revels Jr., Melvin Sparks Hassan (D 1990)
  • Blues From The Heart (CD) Originals Live + Studio Recordings (D 1990)
  • Googa Mooga (CD) New York “Wild” Jimmy Spruill, Charles “Honeyboy” Otis, W. Bridges a. o. (D 1993)


  • Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll, Vol. 2 (CD) (D 2002)
  • Stompin’ 4 (CD) (UK 2001)
  • Old Town City Blues (CD) (US 2000)
  • Lookey Dookey (LP) (2000)
  • Shout Bamalama (CD) (UK 1999)
  • Fresh Blues, Vol. 2 – The Inak Blues Connection (CD) (1998)
  • The Blue Horizon Story 1965–1970, Vol. 1 (3-CD) (1997)
  • Talking Trash! Lookey Dookey (CD) (UK 1997)
  • Savage Kick, Vol. 2 – Black Rock’n’Roll (LP) (UK 1989)
  • Boogie On Broadway (LP) (ca. 1980 HOL)
  • In Our Own Way… Oldies but Goodies (LP) (UK 1970)



Guitar Crusher & the mellotones (USA/GER)

Music-Style: Soul & Blues

German band description:
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A Real Blues & Soulman - unmistakable and authentic
Sidney "Guitar Grusher" Selby from Carolina is an old school entertainer and a true blues legend.

Unmistakably and authentically he sings with passion of misery, women, treachery and violence, or sensitive of pain, love and hope; because like many blues singers, Guitar Crusher's roots are in the gospel - even as a teenager he also sang in the church.

At the age of fifteen, he went to New York with his band and played in various clubs, which at that time had a harsh climate.

In 1960 he created his first single 'Cuddle Up' on his own label T & S. Other singles for Bethlehem, King, Blue Horizon and CBS-Columbia followed.

During this time he was a member of numerous package tours, including Ben E. King, the Drifters, the Isley Brothers ect ...

His band he called "The Gospel Wings". A little later founded "The Midnight Rockers", who later renamed themselves "The Houserocking Mellotones".


Incidentally, his stage name 'Guitar Crusher' says nothing about his way of playing the guitar, but emerged in the harsh clubs of the early days, as a musician still had memorable arguments with tough club owners and unruly guests.

As the musical taste in America changed, and many live clubs had to close or were converted into discos, he came to Europe in 1982 and created a new fanbase. Because of his extraordinary voice he was given the name 'The Big Voice From New York'.

At numerous international festivals, he shared the stage with European and American blues acts such as Katie Webster, Reggie Moore, EB Davis, Garry Wiggins and Boogie & Blues pianist Chris Ranneberg to name a few .. In his legendary television appearances, he thrilled the audience with his remarkable voice and his charismatic interpretation of the blues and soul genre.

Even as a 'songwriter' he won the recognition of the specialist press, which certified his compositions originality and charm.

The Big Voice from New York was filmed in 2013 by students of the Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University: Guitar Crusher - a Biography Guitar Crusher is considered a living legend, and his albums are credited with collectors value.

These musicians inspire with original blues and groovy R & B - authentic and captivating: a pleasure for all blues and soul friends.



Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 5-6, depending on the budget),
                          Catering, local PA

Price:                on request


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