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  • Before daylight (2014)
  • Sometime the truth (2011)
  • BTC Blues Revue (2012)
  • Handful of Rain (2007)
  • Let's have a Blues Party (2004)
  • Dreams are for Losers (2003)
  • Tribute to Robert Johnson (2000)
  • Gone back Texas (2000)
  • Black Power (1995)
  • let it pour (1995)
  • Neal Black & The Healers (1994)
  • Neal Black & The Healers (1993)
  • New York Ctity Tracks (1993)
  • I don't get the Blues (1993)


  • Blues Story Nr. 28
  • Blues Story Nr. 14 (1998)
  • Blues Story Nr. 13  (1998)
  • Blues Story Nr. 11  (1998)


  • Popa Chubby
  • Chuck Berry
  • Jimmy Dawkins
  • Lucky Peterson
  • Johnnie Johnson
  • The Chamber Brothers
  • Papa John Creach
  • Elliott Murphy
  • Jennifer Batten (ex. Michael Jackson)
  • Micheal Jones
  • John Sebastian (ex. Doors)
  • Dan Baird (ex Georgia Satellites)
  • Gerardo Velez (ex-Jimi Hendrix)
  • Harvey Brooks (ex-Bob Dylan)
  • Jon Paris (ex-Johnny Winter)
  • Jose Fors & Forseps (legendary Mexican Artist)
  • Alabama Slim
  • Archie Lee Hooker
  • Billy Price (Sänger von Roy Buchanan)
  • Flo Bauer


  • Montreal
  • International Jazz fest(Canada)
  • Woodstock  20th anniversary(New York)
  • Guadalajara Blues (Mexico)
  • New Morning (Paris, France)
  • Antone's (Texas, USA)
  • Montreux Jazz festival (Switzerland)
  • River Blues Festival (Philadelphia, USA)
  • Bragdoya Blues (Norway)
  • Lpuisto Blues (Finnland)
  • Castlebar Blues (Irland)
  • New Orleans Music Fest (Germany)
  • Jazz a Vienne (France)
  • Cahors Blues (France)
  • and many more...


Neal Black & The Healers (USA)

Music-Style: Texas Blues

German band description:
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Neal Black from San Antonio, Texas is a big name when it comes to Rockin 'Texas Blues. For over 30 years, his blues audiences around the world have been electrifying with his blend of blues, rock, jazz and roots music. The critics praise the singer and guitarist. Rolling Stone Magazine Names Neal Black 'The Master of High Voltage Texas Boogie'

With countless blues and rock legends Neal Black has stood on stage and produced in the studio, such as:

Popa Chubby, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Dawkins, Lucky Peterson, Johnnie Johnson, The Chamber Brothers, Papa John Creach, Elliott Murphy, Jennifer Batten (ex. Michael Jackson), Micheal Jones, John Sebastian (ex. Doors), Dan Baird (ex Georgia Satellites), Gerardo Velez (ex-Jimi Hendrix), Harvey Brooks (ex-Bob Dylan), Jon Paris (ex-Johnny Winter), Jose Fors & Forseps (legendary Mexican Artist), Alabama Slim, Archie Lee Hooker, Billy Price (Sänger von Roy Buchanan).


The musician from Texas has produced and released 15 albums in more than 20 years with the French cult label Dixiefrog Records.
On the sampler series "Blues Story" by Polygram Records he was immortalized on 4 albums, along with legends like Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Roy Buchanan and Chuck Berry.

In 2005 Neal Black was nominated in France as "Best Modern Electric Blues Artist" for the "Tropheé du Blues". Many of his albums made it to No. 1 on the French blues charts and other European radio stations. His smoky voice and striking guitar playing are his trademark.

This 'Texas Bluesman' plays the blues deep in his soul and with his live band brings a modern, electric 'South Texas Blues Rock' to the stage with a perfect and entertaining show.

Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 4-5, depending on the budget),
                          Catering, local PA

Price:                on request



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