Current album:

Boogie Down the Road (2018)


  • Blue Slide (2014)
  • Back on the tracks (2010)
  • W.I.N.D Live in the Land of Milk and Honey (2005)
  • Groovin Trip (2004)
  • Hypnotic Dream ( 2002)
  • W.I.N.D. (2000)
  • Johnny Neel and the Italien Experience (2004)


  • B.B. King
  • John Mayall
  • Robert Plant
  • Blues Brothers Band
  • John Mooney
  • Greg Allman
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • Eric Sardinas
  • Brian Auger
  • The Blasters
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Ike Turner
  • Steppenwolf
  • Devon Allman
  • Robert Cray
  • Mick Taylor
  • Bill Wyman
  • Johnny Winter
  • North Mississippi All Stars
  • Marc Ford
  • Rebel Storm
  • Tolo Marton
  • Ten Years After
  • Tishamingo

Jimi Barbiani has played at major festivals and clubs in Italy and Europe:

  • 2003/2005/2007-  Pistoia Blues
  • 2007 /Castel San Pietro
  • Big Mama
  • Atri Blues
  • Vallemaggia Blues
  • 2005/2011 Burg Herzberg (GER) ,  Concert was filmed by Rockpalast
  • Ameno Blues
  • Nistoc Festival
  • Woodstock Festival (It)
  • Blues Garage (GER)
  • Blues Garaasj (NL)
  • Spirit of 66 (BE)
  • Blues Hideaway Nashville (USA) and more...

jimi barbiani band (it)

Music-Style: Blues-Rock

German band description:
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Jimi Barbiani feat. Divers & Mansutti
European Tour 2020

There is now an interesting, rekindled blues rock scene in Europe. But few representatives have the quality that JIMI BARBIANI brings to light!

In his career so far, the outstanding guitarist has worked with Johnny Neal, keyboarder of the Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule. He shared the stage artists such as Eric Sardinas, John Mooney, Johnny Neel, Tishamingo, North Mississippi All Stars, Devon Allman, Mac Ford, Andy J Forest, Buddy Wittingstone.

At Barbiani, it's not just the foundation that's right, but also the groove and the rock & roll feeling.

Barbiani - Diver - Mansutti is a jam band with a remarkable chemistry and great sound combining blues, jazz, rock and funk.

The unique sound of the Hammond organ by Pietro Taucher - one of the top five keyboardists of the genre - blends with the guitar of Jimi Barbiani - one of the best rock blues slide guitarists in Europe - and the accomplished drummer Alessandro Mansutti in the best Jazz ensembles is a sought-after musician.

You could call it a "superband" composed of extraordinary individuals. Their repertoire combines original material and a range of rock blues funk and jazz classics.

Vintage equipment with old guitars, amps, Hammond organ, Leslie speakers and the band members' many years of experience make up the great sound of this trio.

Her passionate show convinces concert promoters and audiences alike. Blues is on the up and, more recently, increasingly popular in Europe, as the sales of Bonamassa, or bands like the Blue Pills impressively prove. If you like down-to-earth catchy blues rock, you can not beat JIMI BARBIANI.





"In the U.S.A. Jimi Barbiani would be in great demand as a guitarist... he is warm, subtle and rigorous, according to Jimi Hendrix manner, he is a first-class guitar player"

(Mauro Zambellini – Buscadero)


"...the guitarist is the absolute leader of the stage, with an extemporized steady inspiration flow and an excellent slide ability

…losing nothing in comparison with the most titled world-famous guitarists."

(Riccardo Capelli - Chitarre)


Blues ist im Kommen und in letzter Zeit auch verstärkt in Europa wieder ganz groß angesagt, wie die Verkaufszahlen von Bonamassa oder Bands wie den Blue Pills eindrucksvoll beweisen. Wer auf bodenständigen eingängigen Bluesrock steht, sollte der Jimi Barbiani Band  eine Chance geben und eine Fahrkarte für den 'Ten O'Clock Train' lösen. "Eins der besten Bluesrock-Alben dieses Jahres.

(Michael - Whisky Soda)


Nur wenige Vertreter in der neu entflammte Blues-Rock-Szene  haben auch die Qualität, die die JIMI BARBIANI BAND auch diesmal wieder zutage bringt!

(Björn Backes - Power


"Für mich steht der Italiener auf einer Stufe mit Bonamassa"

(T. Schmal - Rock Circuz)


Jimi Barbiani is a born live entertainer.

(Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime /Belgien)


Jimi Barbiani - The Ceasar of Slide
(Blues. Gr )


Es ist praktisch unmöglich, in ein paar Zeilen zusammenzufassen, wofür Jimi Barbiani steht. Er ist eine lebende Legende. Musik kann uns auch heute noch viel beibringen, und Jimi Barbiani und seiner exzellenten Band ist ein großartiger Tutor.

(SimoSuicide - RR Magazine)



European Tour 2020 (22.03.2020 - 29.03.2020)


Availability:      on request (booking lead time 4 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 3-4), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request



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