DR. Slide & florian Escherlor (GER)

Music-Style: American-Roots & Blues

German band description:
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Dr. Slide and Florian Escherlor, two seasoned musicians from two generations, live together on one stage.


The old warhorse meets the talented youngster. What at first sounds like material for a sitcom soon turns out to be a big movie.


Between singer / songwriter and American Roots, the two exceptional musicians succeed in a refreshing border crossing beyond clichés. Absolutely oscar suspicious!


Dr. Slide emigrated to the US at an early age and toured with legends such as John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter and Bo Diddley.


Today he sings about his eventful life, playing with all his heart and soul. He tells his story with a voice so rough and honest that every word gets under your skin. With nothing but his guitar and a sawn-off bottleneck on his finger, he captivates every audience from the very first note.


Multi-instrumentalist Florian Escherlor, despite his young age, is anything but a blank slate. In over 400 concerts, he earned a reputation as an outstanding musician who feels at home in a wide variety of genres.


His most important tool is a particularly inconspicuous one: the harmonica. With his virtuoso playing, he elicits sounds that one would not have thought possible.


Together they stand for 100% handmade music without compromise. A bit out of time and yet in the here and now.


Dr. Slide & Florian Escherlor, this is the perfect soundtrack of a classic road movie. Dusty country roads, the vastness of the southern states, the feeling of freedom. A film about life far from the fast lane.



Availability:      on request (booking lead time 6 weeks)
Location:          Clubs, Festivals
Requirements: Hotel (Travel Party 2-3), Catering, local PA

Price:                on request


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